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Zoji; Powdered Milk

Fri, 19 Jan 1996 01:06:53 -0500
I started subscribing to this list about 4 months ago  before I started
baking bread to learn about this world and figure out what machine to tell
Santa about.  After reading about your problems with various machines I
requested a Zoji, one that many of you seemed happy with.  Good news:  Santa
came through and we've baked over 20 successful loaves already!  All loaves
have been good, and by adjusting a bit of yeast and a bit of water, we've
gotten some nearly perfect.  The only problem we had was that the belt came
off the drive wheel (for the kneading blade) since the little set screw that
holds it together came loose.  It was an easy fix but did involve taking off
the bottom of the machine.  (You'll know this when it happens since instead
of the "thump, thump" of the kneading cycle, you'll get a very loud

One cookbook we've really enjoyed has been "Electric Bread".  It's easy to
read, relatively simple, and has some tantalizing combinations.  Our favorite
so far is Chocolate Cherry Bread.  The only problem that I have with the
cookbook is that it often calls for a small amount of powdered milk (1-2
Tbs.).  I try to stay vegan whenever possible, so I'd love to find a
substitute.  I've successfully replaced any eggs with "Egg Replacer" but I'm
not sure what to use for the milk.

Does anyone know what the function of the powdered milk is?  Can I replace it
with another "milk" like rice milk?  If so, do I need to reduce the other
liquids?  Thanks in advance for the help.

Happy Baking!