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Re: SF sourdough

"J. R. Link" <jlink@best.com>
Mon, 15 Jan 1996 19:34:29 PST
No we in the SF bay area just can't get the exact sourdough flavor. That is
the SF sourdough company produces and sells so well. What is of interest is
Colombo, Toscano, Parisian and Bodean are all the SF Sourdough company and
the same sour dough starter. No they won't give me a sample. I use three  
different sour dough starters each gives a slightly different flavor but I
buy Sf sourdough that is made by SF sourdough companies.
 Also the flavor even varies with in this company. The hand kneaded or smaller  
batch stuff like Boudean tastes better. More tart I think. They have wonderful  
very hot ovens. Home ovens don't get that hot. So when in San Francisco or the  
bay area or at the airports pick up a loaf. I figure I won't pass up a good  
product. Mine is good just different. 
 One time I heard that they flew the starter in from France but that might
just been some tall tale.

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Jackie Link
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