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My experience with Chefmate ABM

pasquale@lanl.gov (Gina Pasquale)
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 10:39:23 -0700
Hi everyone,

I enjoy this bread baking list so much and have gotten many wonderful
recipes!  I've decided to share some of my experiences with my Chefmate
(Seiko) bread machine.

I live at high altitude (6400') and have always had a problem with bread
not rising enough before baking, unless I use all white bread flour.  I
tried adding lots of gluten, but that didn't help.  I also made sure the
water content was correct.  Then I noticed something:  my bread machine has
3 rise cycles!  During the first 2 cycles, the bread rose great.  On the
3rd rise cycle, the bread didn't rise so well and the baked loaf was always
too small in my opinion.

So, last weekend I just used the dough cycle and took the bread out (only 1
rise in the dough cycle).  I shaped the loaf and put it in a pan to rise.
It only took about 20 min to rise way above the pan (high altitude and a
warm oven to rise in account for this, I think).  I baked the loaf for 40
mins in 350 deg oven and had the best loaf ever!

So, if other people like me are having problems with a Chefmate brand, just
try what I did and you'll be pleasantly surprised!  And it almost feels
like you're making bread from "scratch"!  :-)

Happy baking,