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Greetings and Questions/ABM

"Butts, Diane" <dbutts@usia.gov>
Thu, 11 Jan 96 7:38:47 -0500
Hello everyone....  I'm new to the list and am enjoying it already.  I 
received a Breadman Plus  machine for Christmas and have gotten mixed 
results.   I also received a Pizza Stone so the first dough I tried was 
pizza crust.  It has turned out great, due in part I'm sure to the 

I also tried a Pineapple Coconut bread with cream cheese.  I got the 
recipe from a bread machine cookbook, which called for baking it on the 
"regular" cycle but I used the dough cycle and re-shaped it for a loaf 
pan and baked it in the oven.  It also turned out very nicely.

Now for my problem that I'm hoping you all can help me with.....  
Whenever I make the dough for rolls, it seems to do fine until I bake 
them.  Although they are soft inside, the outside is too hard and the 
next day, almost inedible.  What am I doing wrong???  I usually put the 
dough in the oven to rise [warmed to 250 degrees, then turned off] with a 
towel over the bread in the muffin tins.  Perhaps the oven rising is the 
problem.  Please help.  I'd appreciate a private reply in addition to the 
list. thanks.
Diane Butts
phone:  202-501-7117
fax:       202-501-6093
e-mail:   dbutts@usia.gov