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sheila@freenet.victoria.bc.ca (Sheila Bluett)
Sat, 6 Jan 1996 13:51:24 -0800
Hello people. I am very new to this list and also very new to bread
machines.If you have heard all this before, please bear with me.
My family got together and bought me a Black and Decker machine for xmas and
I have been having great fun trying out different things. My first two
loaves, one white bread and one whole wheat, were edible but nothing to brag
about. So armed with an instant thermometer I made sure the liquid was at
the right temperature and tried another loaf of white bread and a raisin
loaf, both of which were just great. Then came an absolute disaster. I
thought I would make a loaf of french bread to accompany the dinner meal.
According to the book that came with the machine, the liquid required is
just water, which is what gives it a nice crust. Well, a nice crust I got,
but it didn't rise and the inside of the loaf you could patch a hole in the
wall with. Even the local seagulls tried to bury it!
Does anyone have a recipe that has been tried and was a success for french
Many thanks to the one's that make this list possible, and to all you people
so willing to help people like me.