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bread at high altitude

Mon, 18 Dec 95 9:28:18 EST
> About eight months ago I purchased a small Panasonic bread machine.  I live
> in Telluride, CO  which is 8750 ft. above sea level.
> My results have been mostly flops.  Usually  the bread is cooked on the
> outside and doughy inside.  Several times the bread has risen so rapidly it
> sticks to the top of the machine--what a mess.  I have had to wet it down
> with towels and scrape the mess off the top of the machine. :-(
> I have tried many  different recipes, and once I tried weighing my
> ingredients--that was the biggest mess of all.

Hi Donna,

I used to live in Fort Collins, Colorado, and I experienced many
messes like the ones you describe.  It was worst with recipes like
banana bread that had a fair amount of sweet ingredients.
There is a difference baking at high altitude.  I remember I got a 
pamphlet from my county extension office that advised modifications
to recipes which helped a little.  (Unfortunately I moved some 3 years
ago and I can't remember exactly, although I seem to remember adding
an extra tablespoon of water and a little less sugar--but I may be 
mistaken.)  As I said, this helped some, but not really enough.  What 
made the most difference was the addition of a tablespoon or 2 of wheat 
gluten.  I remember this clearly, because I had to special order it.  
The gluten that I got was powdery stuff that I got mail-order from DAK.  
I hope there are other sources for this because it really made a 
BIG difference!

Good luck!
Jane Marcus