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"Robert Rauzi & Cindy Bombassei" <rrauzi@iquest.net>
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 13:53:45 +0000
I was interested to see that other people have problems with their 
Hitachi as well.  I have had mine for a year now and just about went 
crazy with it for the first 4 months.  My mother has one also and 
doesn't like hers either.

I too have problems with the bread rising.  It seems to do fine on 
the first rise, (sometimes) and then doesn't rise enough on the 
second rise.

I have tried everything, and have decided that it is just a bad 
machine.  I am waiting for it to die so that I can go buy a better 
one.  I have tried all different brands of bread flours, about 5 
different kinds of yeast, I have switched to distilled water, you 
name it I've tried it.  Now I let the machine mix the dough and let 
it do the first rise.  I then take it out, put it in a pan, preheat 
the oven to 150 turn off the oven, let it rise again and bake it in the
oven.  It always comes out perfect 
when I do this.  I have a clay bread pan I use that works well or do 
a free form on a pizza stone.  I make a lot of sourdough and find 
that there is no way they will come out good in the machine.  They 
come out so much better in the oven that I don't even consider the 
machine anymore.  I'm planning on buying a Zojirushi just as soon as 
my machine goes.

Another frustrated Hitachi owner,

I Wish I were Golfing
Cindy Bombassei
Robert Rauzi
Brownsburg, Indiana