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Sun, 17 Dec 1995 23:53:08 -0500
Bonnie Pollack asked if she could just use the recipes from the list on her
new Breadman...you can Bonnie, but you should watch the dough carefully.
First I would make a  few recipes from the booklet that comes with your
machine, so you get a feel for what the dough should look like. 

 If you use recipes from the list,you will find you may need to adjust the
liquid and flour to suit your own machine. The weather is another variable
you will have to deal with. It's not that hard to do once you get used to the
bread machine. If you want some recipes from our books or need help, Email me
at Lois@AOL.com

Julia Gilbert asked how you know the size of the loaf for the bread machine.
Usually a recipe with about 2 cups of flour indicates a one pound loaf, and
one with about 3 cups of flour indicates a 1 1/2 pound loaf. The 2 pound
machines will have about 4 plus cups of flour....I hope that helps.


Glen asked for a recipe for Schlotsky's bread. I have an incomplete recipe in
my files Glen. If you want it, write me at LoisCon@AOL.com

Donna asked about her bread failures in Telluride.
Donna the dough is overproofing at that altitude. Some things you can
try..reduce the yeast by 1/3, or increase salt by 25%, add1/2 to 1 tbs.
gluten to the bread.
You may need more liquid and/or want to try using the rapid rise on your
bread machine. Write for more help or if you have our second book, The Bread
Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints,  (new edition) we talk about high
altitude on pages 125-126. Write me for more help. LoisCon@AOL.com