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Mon, 11 Dec 1995 23:14:46 -0500
Ben Sammen asked for help with his Hitachi which stopped performing after
summer. When the weather changes, and it gets colder,  Linda and I get lots
of calls about breads that don't rise. Make sure the bread machine is not
against an outside wall. (I assume you are in a cold weather place)

We like Red Star Yeast and used it in testing for both our bread machine
books. It can be purchased in bulk at Price Club/Costco. You can store it for
a year in the freezer. You should only be using bread flour, not self-rising
flour. If you use all-purpose flour you will need to add gluten to the flour.
Also make sure the liquid is warm and the ingredients are at least at room
temperature.. Try those things and then we can go from there.You can mail me
at: LoisCon@AOL for more help.