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sljc6@cc.usu.edu (Reid J. Furniss)
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 06:51:45 +0700
I got a Welbuilt years ago on QVC.  It was their special value of the day.
lees to say - I *gave* it away.  I just couldn't deal with it.  It was their
loaf size, and I guess for the money, it was okay.  However, I realized rather
quickly that you will get what you pay for with a bread machine.

My Mom has a DAK, and experiences inconsistent reidsults with it from time
to time.
My sister has a Panasonic - same thing.

Our dear list leader Reggie suggested the Zoji, and let me tell you - perfection
all the way.  I was sooooooo thrilled to get a perfect loaf of bread.  Time
after time . . . after time.

My thanks goes out to this lovely lady!  What a wonderful suggestion.

Yes, the Zoji costs a little bit more than the others, however, you get a better
quality of bread from it.  I will send out to this list the information that
Reggie sent to me re the Zoji.  Ordering information, etc.  I hope this is
okay for this list - I don't post that often; however, that may change here,
as I get into
the bread thing now.  Like 4 posts of reidcipes last night . . . hummmmmmm .
. . .
anyway, I'll send out that information, and let ya all read it.  Nice stuff.

Hugs everyone!

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