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Breadmakers Ratings

Gina Rodriguez <grodrigu@nmsu.edu>
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 15:57:38 -0700
For anyone interested this months Consumer Reports has ratings on
Breadmakers.  Overall ratings include how easy models are to use and clean
and how noisy they are.  They rate as follows (from best to worst):

1 - Regal Kitchen Pro K6743
2 - Breadman Plus TR-600
3 - Pillsbury Bread & Dough Maker 1016
4 - Breadman TR-500
5 - Black & Decker All-In-One-Plus B1800
6 - Mr. Coffee - The Breadmaker MBR200
7 - West Bend Bread & Dough Maker 41040X
8 - Zojirushi Home Bakery BBCC-S15A
9 - Oster Deluxe Designer 4812
10- Panasonic Bread Bakery SD-YD200
11- Wellbilt - The Bread Machine ABM4100T
12- Sanyo - The Bread Factory Plus SBM-15
13- Goldstar HB-026E
14- Toastmaster Bread Box 1195 (note: orignal pan was defective and required
phone call to Toastmaster for replacement, score is based on replacement)

Note - At the time of the report the latest models from Hitachi were not
available, they will be tested at a later date, however they did say that in
their last report they found that the Hitachi machines made very good bread
and were convenient to use, overall.

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