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Milk in Microwave

aa122@detroit.freenet.org (John F Davis)
Sun, 19 Nov 1995 18:20:44 -0500
>I once read that it's not advisable to microwave milk in the microwave.
>Something about retaining some radioactivity!?  Has anyone else heard
>anything about this?

 I once heard simular stories re: baby formula (which is mostly milk)
 however it's bunk.  100% bunk,  though there might be some radioactivity
 retained for a very short time. (like about 1/2 the time it takes you to open
 the door) by the time you actually get the door open (assuming you did not
 stop the oven first but just opened the door and let the safety interlock stop
 it) all radioactivity will be gone.

  One word of caution however...............

Some microwaves (I know some GOLDSTAR units are in this catagory) only require
that the timer be set and the door closed for them to work.  Opening the door,
removing whataver has been heated and then closing the door re-starts th 
oven, possibly starting a kitchen fire.

Good microwaves all have a START or COOK button which MUST be pushed to make
he thing come on.  Make sure yours has such a button.

Second.  I have seen one microwave with slots in the cooking enclosure large
enough to LOOK THROUGH (along the back/bottom of the case).  I'd avoid these
as these slots would easliy let out much of the enegery.  Make sure yours
has a "leakproof" (To microwave enegry) cooking enclosure.

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