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flash@well.com (flash gordon, md)
Sun, 19 Nov 1995 14:02:37 -0800
>freezing unbaked bread

i always freeze pizza dough at least overnite before using it. i'll make the
dough, let it rise once, take out all my agressions by punching it down
savagely, and then putting it into a ziploc bag (another brand name becoming
genericized) and freezing it. i thaw it for at least 8 hours in the fridge,
and it turns out fine.

i've also found, as i'm sure many folks have, that leaving the oven lite on
turns it into an ideal proofing box.

>what kind of bread machine

my personal experience is that a stand mixer like a kitchen aid makes better
bread than a bread machine, and is useful for many other things.  with fully
guaranteed factory refurbished kithcen aids available for less than some
bread machines, that's the way i would go now. i just gave away my old
original DAK r2-d2-style unit after 5 years: the kitchen aid bread was
simply much much better. OTOH, i live in san francisco and perhaps i'm
spoiled by the local breads.

here's the authorized kitchen aid refurbished dealer. if the machine breaks
for any reason, kitchen aid will send you a replacement and you just return
the broken one in the box they send you.

Suburban Appliance
617-893-6694 (Waltham MA)
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