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re:Milk in microwave

etrencha@sirnet.mb.ca (Elizabeth Trenchard)
Sun, 19 Nov 1995 15:28:33 -0600
>Bess, Ellen et al,
>I once read that it's not advisable to microwave milk in the microwave.  
>Something about retaining some radioactivity!?  Has anyone else heard 
>anything about this?


The only test I've read about is one in which a small quantity of milk was
placed in a sealed container, and microwaved to death! It turned into a
plastic sort of substance. This is not surprising, as I've seen experiments
in kids books where you can turn milk into plastic, even on the stove top in
a pot. I'd be interested in hearing more about what you read, though. I
never have quite trusted microwaves!

If you are concerned about the microwave, you could always warm the milk up
in a pot, let it come to room temperature, sit a container of milk in a
container of warm water until it has warmed up a bit (just like heating baby
bottles!), or use warm water and milk powder. I use this last method when I
want to use the timer overnight. The other methods I avoid, because it
starts to make my bread baking experience feel like work.

Bess Trenchard


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