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Hitachi Bread Machine

Gina Rodriguez <grodrigu@nmsu.edu>
Sat, 4 Nov 1995 19:17:48 -0700
I hope this doesn't go through twice but I am re-sending this message as I
sent it through last week and didn't see it come through on this weeks digest.

I was wondering what the normal size of a loaf of bread usually is.  I
recently purchased a Hitachi Bread machine and my first loaf came out
perfect, it rose above the size of the bread pan.  Since then all of the
loaves have risen only about midways to 3/4 ways of the bread pan.  I have
been hearing people complain about problems with the dough rising in Hitachi
Bread machines lately.  I wonder if it is the brand of bread machine or
possibly the bread mix I have been using.  I have mainly been using
pre-packaged bread mix because I didn't have any bread recipes prior to
joining this list and the first loaf I made (the one that rose well) was a
different brand of mix than I have been using lately.  Lately I have been
using the Kruztaz (sp?), could it be that?  I appreciate any help on this,
I'm not really sure if the loafs should always rise the full length of the
pan or not since I'm so new at this.  I hope I didn't buy a bad brand,
anyone else have a Hitachi?

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