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Re: bread-bakers-digest V6 #42

Fri, 20 Oct 1995 23:37:53 -0700
>From: Janet Stout <jstout@nisku.blackgold.ab.ca>
>We just got a refund, and since then have not had a machine :-(.  We're 
>hoping to get our hands on a Zoji, since you can program them the way you 
>want to, and we're bread bakers from years back and would prefer a bit 
>more control. Unfortunately, the Zoji machines are not sold in Canada; 
>and that's a pity since Fleishmanns tells us that Canadians are very much 
>into home baking bread, and this would be an excellent market for a 
>programmable machine.

Hi Janet,

Just a suggestion.  We bought ours mail-order, from King Arthur Flour.  You
may want to try contacting them.  They offer wonderful customer support in
addition to having great products.  (I was happy to start finding some of
their flour products on our local market shelves.)  It may be worth calling
them, if you're interested in the Zo, which I also highly recommend.