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Re: bread-bakers-digest V6 #42

Fri, 20 Oct 1995 23:37:51 -0700
> How can I get the Zojirushi to to have dough ready at a certain time,
>it doesn't not have that feature.  It has a 'Home Made' feature.  Has
>anyone thought up a way to outsmart the Zoji and have dough ready for
>dinner after work or for the morning?  Other than missing this feature I
>love the machine.

Hi Bea,

We've got the Zo, too, but have never thought about doing this.  It's an
interesting idea.  Depending on how far in advance you want to set it up,
what about setting a start time for a regular cycle that times it so that it
should be finished the second rise just about when you want it done.  Then
you can press the Reset button and pull the dough.

Another thought, with a variation of the Home Made feature, is to set it to
a very long rise cycle and a very short baking cycle, then do the same thing
I suggested above.

Another idea is to just set it on dough to start right away.  Then the dough
will have a longer rise time.  Depending on the type of bread, that's not
necessarily a bad thing.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful.