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Consistent Results.

Jack Jordan <jjord@adam.com.au>
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 17:26:19 +0930
Hi bread buffs,

        I have been using a Pansonic Machine for about 3 years. My first
efforts were patchy to say the least but they improved once I purchased a
good 0-1kg weighing scale. I always get a good, tasty, high top loaf. I make
about 10 loaves a week.

        My basic white bread recipe is:

Bakers Flour = 325g           (can use 100% whole meal OK)
Water        = 220g           (plus/minus 5g)
Olive Oil    =  40g           (can vary between 10g and 80g)
Improver     =   2g
Sugar        =  40g           (can vary between 15g and 80g)
Milk Powder  =  10g           (can vary between 5g and 30g)
Salt         =   7g
Yeast        =   4g           

        Additives for variety requiring no change to basic list

Allspice up to        7g OK
Cinnamon up to        7g OK
Dried Currents up to 60g OK
Chile to taste
Orange and Lemon Zest to taste   (grated fresh outer peel)
Cake and Bun improver  5 drops

        Additives which require corrections to basic recipe

Eggs - reduce water by the weight of the egg(s)
Fruit - reduce water by estimating water content of fruit
Fruit Juice - reduce water by weight of juice

        Additives which failed (too little rise)

Nutmeg - did it kill the yeast or destroy the natural gluten?
Rye flour - OK up to about 20% of flour but height lost

        Care of Yeast

I purchase 500g of Instant Dried Yeast at a time. Fill 2 small coffee jars
and store one sealed with glad wrap in the freezer. The other one is stored
in the frig with a sealed plastic lid. When the first jar is finished, allow
the second, frozen jar to reach frig temperature in the frig before use (to
reduce the condensation). There is some small deterioration of the second
jar towards the end of the batch. I increase the yeast used by up to 10% to
counter this. The adjustment is made as a result of the previous loaf not
being quite as high as usual.


How do I make a 100% rye loaf? Is gluten addition the answer?

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