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Allison Kinkead <sasank@unx.sas.com>
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 15:44:49 -0400 (EDT)
 >   Comments and input, including price range are incouraged on the
 >   following, including price range.  Perhaps we could get a faq started.
 >   Price range is approximate and does not allow for special sales or tax.
 >   BETTY CROCKER-- On sale at Service Merchandise & Kmart for $119.98.
                 Regular price: $139.97.  Makes great bread; the traditional
                 rectangular *1.5 to 2lb loaf.  Is fairly quiet.  Doesn't have
                 a view window :-(. Has 2 dough cycles; whole wheat & white.
                 Has 5 bake cycles white, whole wheat, sweet, quick bread &
                 french. Also has a rapid bake cycle option. Rapid white is
                 completed in 2 hrs 28 mins instead of 3hrs. 20 mins. for normal
                 cycle. Three crust settings; light, medium, & dark.  Twelve
                 hour delay cycle. Has a beep that indicates when nuts & raisins
                 should be added. Is a good deal for the money.

     * This review is for the latest model.

 >   TOASTMASTER-- On sale at Service Merchandise for $119.98. Regular price:
                 $145.00. Makes great bread; 1.5 to 2lb. loaf. Is very noisy.
                 Has a view window.  Has one dough cycle & 4-5 bake cycles
                 (can't remember).  The latest model now has a butter cycle.
                 Twelve hour delay cycle.

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Allison Kinkead