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Jack Jordan <jjord@adam.com.au>
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 07:46:56 +0930
Thank you for allowing me to join this list. I have received three digests
and I have found them very helpful. 

I purchased a Pansonic Breadmaker about 3 years ago and we have used it
continuously since purchase averaging a loaf per day. Commercial bread seems
tasteless compared with our products. My wife thought that the acquisition
was a waste, but now she says that if the breadmaker fails it will be the
first thing replaced.

Apart from the teething problems due to inexperience and poor measurement
devices in the kitchen I have had only one problem - the bin and agitator
had to be replaced when the non-stick lining was damaged. Now that I have a
good measuring scale the results are very consistent.

Is it possible to make a rye bread with a high percentage of rye? The rye
seems to impede the yeast action. So does nutmeg. Is this a Ph problem?

I have found the list very helpful with the discussion of improvers and the
wide range of recipes presented. I will post the two that we use all of the
time when I have taken accurate weights of the measures that we use.

Happy baking

Strength to your arm

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