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Bitter taste

rcox@UH.EDU (RH Cox)
Sun, 01 Oct 1995 10:17:03 -0500
Cherie Ambrosino <Cherie_Ambrosino@cch.com> on 25 Sep 95 10:39:29 EDT wrote
>Hi folks - I've had my bread machine for years [an old DAK turbo] and I use it
>mainly to make whole grain breads.  I've always found that the breads have a
>slightly bitter or dark taste to them, unless its a honey bread [ie honey
>wheat which uses 1/2 cup of honey - no bitter taste could survive that much
>sugar!]  The breads that use a tablespoon or so of sugar/honey all seem to
>it, and lately I've noticed that the few white flour breads I've tried
>have the

My first impression is that it is the flour.  Whole wheat flour goes bad
faster(the oil in it turns rancid) that white flour.  If you only
ocassionally use white flour, and it has been sitting around a long time,
it may have also gone bad.  Flour should last a few weeks in a cold store,
and a few more weeks in your pantry, if it is not too hot.  When I had an
extra fridge, I kept my flour in it.  Most poeple won't notice the bad
wheat because so much else is in the bread the sour taste is covered.

I could be wrong


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