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Intro & question

aa5458@freenet.lorain.oberlin.edu (AmyLynn Stotzner)
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 14:33:54 -0400

I'm new to this list.  My name is AmyLynn Stotzner.  I'm married
to Ken and have an 18 mo son named Alan Michael.  I've had my
WestBend bread machine for about a year now, and we just love it
At times, I can't keep up with how fast it's getting eaten!  I
started making my own bread when I started feeding Alan food and
realized how much preservatives there are in most foods.  The more
things I can make for him, the better it will be for him.
Unfortunately, he has lately been getting store bread as my
kitchen is being remodeled and there is nowhere to set the bread
machine up where little hands (feet, fingers, etc) can't get at
it.  Hopefully, it will be "done" next week.

On to my question.  I just got a wonderful book out of the library
on bread baking - so many recipes, so little time!  All the
recipes in it are for making the bread by hand.  Is there an
easy way to convert them to machine baking?  Is there even anything
one would have to do?

Thanks in advance, and so happy I found this wonderful list!

- --
AmyLynn Stotzner
Mommy to Alan Michael (4/30/94)