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Won't rise in da ABM

denning@srv.net (John Denning)
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 17:13:12 -0600
Well I've had lots of help from many of you on my problem with my bred not
wanting to rise. Here's a bit more news.

I can take the exact same recipe let the ABM go through the dough cycle,
pull it out, punch down, form, and let rise in a warm oven. I get a
beautiful loaf, anyone want a slice? But if I let that same recipe complete
in the ABM in this case a Hitachi 101, it doesn't rise much at all..

The dough is a great consistancy, nice and smooth like a baby's bottom. But
it just doesn't rise in the machine.

I've about decided to just bake in the oven, and let the machine mix the

         -JD-                )
     John Denning            (         denning@srv.net
     Idaho Falls, ID         )