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Zoji does headstands

reggie@jeff-and-reggie.com (Reggie Dwork)
Sat, 23 Sep 1995 23:00:35 -0700
I used to have an old bread machine (MGN) that needed the yeast, then the
dry ingredients and then the wet ones.  In my Zoji I still do it the same
way.  I found that when I put the ingredients in the order that Zoji wants
it pouffffffs flour all over the inside of the machine and sure does cause
me to sit up and take notice of the smell of burning flour.  This doesn't
happen anymore *unless* I don't securely put the baking basket into the base.

When we first tried to put the yeast in on the bottom we had little success
until we started weighing the flour.  We usually use 16 oz of bread flour
for a large loaf and it works great for us.  I do not use gluten at all and
the bread rises nicely.

In the old machine we used the packaged yeast like the Fleischman's or Red
Star and now I buy it from a bulk bin in a local HFS.  The packaged yeast
doesn't work correctly for me in the Zoji.  

I have tried some of the DAK recipes in the Zoji as they were written and
they seem to work well for me.