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Bitter taste

Cherie Ambrosino <Cherie_Ambrosino@cch.com>
25 Sep 95 10:39:29 EDT
Hi folks - I've had my bread machine for years [an old DAK turbo] and I use it 
mainly to make whole grain breads.  I've always found that the breads have a 
slightly bitter or dark taste to them, unless its a honey bread [ie honey whole 
wheat which uses 1/2 cup of honey - no bitter taste could survive that much 
sugar!]  The breads that use a tablespoon or so of sugar/honey all seem to have 
it, and lately I've noticed that the few white flour breads I've tried have the 
same taste.  Its not very strong - most of my greedy tasters don't notice it, 
but it is definitely there since the main bread eaters [my husband and I] have 
both commented on it in the past.  All this time I've attributed the taste to 
the whole grain flours [I didn't mix in any white flour with them] but now I'm 
wondering if something else could be causing it.  I do use gluten - could that 
be it?  Or I could just use more sugar/honey [I've already tried increasing it 
to about 1.5-2 Tbs with no improvement]  Any thoughts or suggestions would be we
lcome!  Thanks in advance - Cherie