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Subject: Bread Machine:  Dark Swiss Choc/White Choc Chunks (fwd)
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Well if the last one didn't get you maybe this one will.  I have 
4 loaves to tempt you.  Perhaps this one will?  The recipe states,
if you want a piece, bake it when the children are gone.  Perfect 
with cold milk and/or a dab of peanut butter.


                                           1 pound loaf   1.5 pound loaf
  chopped white chocolate or chips            1/2 cup         3/4 cup
  active dry yeast                          1 1/2 tsp       2 1/4 tsp
  bread flour                                   2 cups          3 cups
  powdered milk                                 2 TBS           3 TBS
  cocoa powder, unsweetened                   1/4 cup         1/3 cup
  sugar                                       1/4 cup         1/3 cup
  unsalted butter                               4 TBS           6 TBS
  salt                                        1/2 tsp         3/4 tsp
  egg                                           1               1
  egg yolk                                      0               1
  water                                       3/4 cup      1 cup + 2 TBS

  Freeze chopped white chocolate or chips.  Add all ingredients except
  white chocolate according to your manufacturer's directions.  Process
  on normal bread cycle.  At beeper, add white chocolate.