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I knew I would run this down sooner or later.  I have started of late
to rate recipes, and this one has written on it (in the book) Great!
Made blt avocado bacon swiss sandwiches with it 7/28/92.  So I know this
is the one (sometimes posting on the recipe makes a lovely little diary).
My best friend here at work, Rick, gets a tear in his eye when we remenisce
over this sandwich.  And yes, we use the bread machine here at work...hot
bread doesn't last long around here!  The sandwiches end up looking like
dagwoods by the time we get through with them.

The bread is wonderful.  Simply use your favorite pesto recipe.  The 
bread is beautiful green tint, as well.  It browns some, when cooking,
but the hint of green still remains.  Suggestions would be to add ground
walnuts or pine nuts.  The bread is a compact one.  Works well for either
the 1 pound or 1 1/2 pound machines.  No machine--I still suggest making
this one by hand.  Simply add additional flour, as needed.  I also seem
to remember, I increased the pesto to 4 tablespoons.  But I do like flavor.

                       WONDERFUL PESTO BREAD

   1/2 cup milk, whole or skim
     1 egg
     1 tablespoon olive oil
     3 tablespoons basil or favorite pesto
     2 cups all purpose flour
   1/4 teaspoon salt or up to 1 teaspoon to taste
 1 1/2 teaspoon active dry yeast

 Load ingredients into machine, per manufacturer's instructions.  Use
 Quick bake cycle.