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Subject: Bread Machine: Pepperoni-Pizza S.D. (fwd)
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I don't know where these came from, sorry.  I think McCalls or
Better Homes.  They were tucked loose inside a used cookbook I bought.  
I have not made this yet...but intend to.  WHY would you need yeast 
AND starter...somebody tell me this...


                                           1 pound      1 1/2 pound
   active dry yeast                        1 tsp.           1 tsp.         
   Sourdough starter                     3/4 cup        1 1/4 cups
   milk or water                         1/4 cup            2 Tbs.
   tomato paste                            2 Tbs.           3 Tbs. 
   cooking oil                             1 Tbs.           1 Tbs.
   bread or all purpose flour              2 cups           3 cups
   mozzarella cheese, shredded           1/2 cup          3/4 cup
   pepperoni, finely chopped             1/3 cup          1/2 cup
   sugar                                   2 tsp.           1 Tbs.
   salt                                  1/2 tsp.          3/4 tsp.
   dried oregano, crushed                1/2 tsp.          3/4 tsp.
     (double for fresh)        

   Add ingredients to machine according to manufacturers directions.
   Crust to medium or lighter.