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Here's another "stuffed loaf" style bread.  Again, I found this
loose in a used cookbook I bought.  Origin is sadly lost.

                           REUBEN RYE BREAD

                                           1 pound      1.5 pound  
  active dry yeast                          1 tsp.          1 tsp.
  rye flour                                 1 cup       1 1/2 cup 
  bread flour                           1 1/3 cup           2 cups
  gluten flour (may be omitted)             1 Tbs.          2 Tbs.
  shortening (or butter)                    1 Tbs.          1 Tbs.
  brown sugar                               2 Tbs.          1 Tbs.
  caraway seed                            1/2 tsp.          1 tsp.
  salt                                    1/2 tsp.        3/4 tsp. 
  chopped corned beef                     1/2 cup         3/4 cup 
  sauerkraut, well chopped*               1/3 cup         1/2 cup   
  water                                   3/4 cup           1 cup

  *Be sure to rinse and drain sauerkraut well.  Add all ingredients
  to machine per manufacturer's directions.  Sauerkraut should be
  added the same time as the water.

  Makes gread toasted bread sandwiches if topped with 1000 Island
  dressing and slices of melted Swiss cheese.  

  Store this bread in refrigerator.