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Now in keeping with the requests on Cake mixes, food that might 
included child participation, and of coarse, the bread machine, or 
just a plain fun recipe to tinker with, these cake mix bread recipes 
look just that.

Printed for Bread Machine application: (or by hand--add more flour)

Rebecca O'Dea created this recipe.  She says it reminds her of the
local deli Hawaiian Bread.  The bread is a high riser, is light and
fluffy with a crisp crust.  The variations are endless--i.e. devils
food, white, strawberry, raspberry.  Duncan Hines has a Key Lime mix.
All the sugar and salt needed are already in the cake mix. 

                           CAKE MIX BREAD
                                   small      1 pound      1.5 pound

   water or milk                  7/8 cup       1 cup     1 1/4 cups
   butter or margarine              1 TBS   1 1/2 TBS         2 TBS
   yellow cake mix                2/3 cup     3/4 cup         1 cup
   bread or all purpose flour   1 1/4 cups  1 3/4 cups    2 1/2 cups
   yeast                            1 tsp   1 1/2 tsp         2 tsp   

   options:  1/4 to 1 tsp orange or lemon peel zest
             1/4 to 1 tsp extract for added flavor

   Simply load and bake according to your machines instructions.