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This is a bread dense with walnuts and cinnamon perfume.  Cut loaf into
thin slices when cool and make small sandwiches with raspberry jam.  
Another bread to eat with cold milk or hot tea, or breakfast decadence.

                             LINZER BREAD

                                          1 pound loaf    1.5 pound loaf
     active dry yeast                     1 1/2 tsps.       2 1/4 tsps.
     bread flour                              2 cups            3 cups
     rye flour                              1/4 cup           1/3 cup
     sugar                                  1/4 cup           1/3 cup
     ground cinnamon                        1/2 tsp.          3/4 tsp.
     salt                                   1/2 tsp           3/4 tsp
     chopped walnuts                        1/2 cup           3/4 cup
     water                               3/4 cup + 2 TBS    1 1/4 cup

  Load ingredients into machine according to manufacturer's directions.
  Process on regular bread cycle.