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Subject: Bread Machine:  English White Tea Loaf (fwd)
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A request for an English Tea loaf for watercress or cucumber sandwiches.
Here is the loaf.  Slice it thick for crisp toast, or toasted cheese 
sandwiches, or toasted bacon and tomato sandwiches.  A very 
traditional loaf.

                          ENGLISH WHITE BREAD

                                           1 pound    1.5 pound 

  active dry yeast                           1 tsp     1 1/2 tsp
  bread flour                                2 cups        3 cups
  powdered milk                              2 TBS         3 TBS
  sugar                                      2 TBS         3 TBS
  vegetable oil                              2 TBS         3 TBS
  salt                                       1 tsp     1 1/2 tsp
  whole egg                                  1             1
  additional egg yolk                        0             1
  water                                    3/4 cup     1 cup + 2 TBS

  Load ingredients according to your manufacturer's instructions.

 **If you bread tends to be a little doughy, cut back slightly on the
  vegetable oil