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Subject: BREAD MACHINE:  Danish Beer Bread (Ollebrod) (fwd)
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This, per request, is a Beer Bread for the bread machine.  It's very
chewy and should be sliced thin to go with ham or strong cheese.  It's
the type used for smorgesbord sandwiches, i.e. dollops of horseradish,
sour cream and good strong pickles, thin sliced roast beef.  I should
think it would be good with soup or stew as well.

                     OLLEBROD--DANISH BEER BREAD

   active dry yeast                   1/2 teaspoon      3/4 teaspoon
   bread flour                      1 3/4 cups        2 2/3 cups
   rye flour                          1/2 cup           3/4 cup
   salt                               1/2 teaspoon      3/4 teaspoon
   molasses                             2 TBS             3 TBS
   water                              1/2 cup           3/4 cup
   beer                               1/4 cup           1/3 cup

   Load ingredients according to manufacturer's directions.  Bake on
   normal bread cycle.