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Searching for Gluten book

"Deb Della Selva ext:284" <DELLASELVA@faxon.com>
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 10:44:19 -0400 (EDT)
Hello Group,

I've been lurking here for months and have greatly enjoyed the tips/recipes
from everyone.
My first bread machine lost it's heating element (but it still kneads).  My
mother-in-law disliked her bread machine so I 'liberated' it! :)

I have been searching for a book (not related to bread but *definatly* related
to flour).  I saw it in 1984 with the title "Wheat Meat".
A healthy friend of mine had me over to try a recipe for faux veal.  It was
amazing.  I won't say it was just like meat but I would say it was *very*
Well, time has marched on and I look at the fat content of food I once ate and
really should give up.  Then I remembered that book.

Has anyone heard of it?  I have searched book stores and my local library is
doing a statewide (NH) search.  I have also check with "Books in Print" and
cannot locate it.  I remember the process had one mix an entire bag of whole
wheat flour into a dough.  Then the dough ball sat in cold water for hours.
You would knead it (under very cold water) and just before your fingers would
fall off....you'd have a small mass of gluten.
The gluten then could be boiled with spices and cut.  Only then you could treat
it like "raw" meat and make your meal.

Any ideas or subsitute books would be GREATLY appreciated.
Deb Della Selva
email: dellaselva@faxon.com