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Sugar sub / Orange bread

Tue, 19 Sep 95 10:19:31 EST
     Hi all,

     Another substitute for the sweetner in a bread recipe is diastatic 
     malt powder.  I've seen some at the co-op, and I've gotten it from 
     King Arthur Flour.  Use 1 teaspoon to replace the sugar.

     I recently bought a Zojirushi machine and have been rewiting my old 
     DAK/Wellbuilt recipes to work here.

     One helpful addition to the house has been Lora Brody's cookbook - 
     Bread Machine Baking - Perfect Every Time.  This features recipes for 
     11 different bread machines.  For some reason the DAK/Wellbuilt 
     machine wanted the yeast and dry ingredients first where the Zo wants 
     them put in last.  Waldenbooks had this book in stock.

     I tried the following recipe Sunday, subbing 1/4t pressed orange oil 
     for the grated rind.  The bread rose up against the glass and probably 
     would have kept going.  Tastes excellent!  Found out a neat feature 
     that was missing on my old R2D2 unit; the Zo's cover slides off for 
     easy cleaning.

     Next time I will probably back the gluten down to 1 Tablespoon.

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                                    Orange Bread

     Recipe By     : DAK
     Serving Size  : 10   Preparation Time :0:00
     Categories    : Dak                              Machine

       Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
     --------  ------------  --------------------------------
          1/4  cup           water -- 110 degrees
        1      cup           orange juice -- room temp (80 degrees)
        2      tablespoons   orange rind -- grated -- subbed orange oil
        1                    Egg - room temp - place in a cup of hot water
        1      tablespoon    margarine, fleishmanns ff
          1/4  cup           sugar
        1      teaspoon      salt
        3      cups          bread flour
        2      tablespoons   vital wheat gluten
        2 1/4  teaspoons     special instant yeast, King Arthur Flour

     Place in the machine in the order listed.

     Select white bread & press start.

     For those who need to know - 6.1% cff



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