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Sat, 23 Sep 1995 13:45:32 -0400
This is addressed mainly to owners of the BREADMAN's "Trillium" model -- or
anyone else who can shed words of wisdom on the subject.

Our "Trillium" produces quite a coarse-grained bread -- no matter what
recipes we seem to use. Our basic cycle takes  about 2 hours 35 minutes. The
texture is not unpleasant, and the bread rises to its full size, as it is
supposed to, but once in a while it would be nice to produce a finer grained

When we have tried our recipes in a Hitachi macine (the basic cycle is about
3 1/2 hours), the product is finer -- which leads me to suspect that the
difference is due to a longer kneading cycle. We have tried employing our
so-called 'European' setting -- which runs about 3 1/2 hours), but I believe
that only introduces an additional rising period.

My question is two-fold: a) Do other 'Trillium' owners find that their
machines, too, produce a coarse-grained bread -- or is there something wrong
with our device?  b) Are there additives (gluten, lecithin, etc.) that would
help to promote a finer-grained texture? 

All suggestions gratefully received!

cdluria@aol.com (Carlos)