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Bread Books with weights

Amberlyn <amberlyn@comtch.iea.com>
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 10:14:42 -0700 (PDT)
Hi all!

With all the discussion about weighing flours for the best result, I went 
searching through all my cookbooks and found these to have both volume 
and weight measurements:

_The Breadman's Healthy Bread Book_ by George Burnett  (weights are in oz)
_The Italian Baker_ by Carol Field (weights are metric)
_The Good Cook, Breads_ (now out-of-print, but likely to be in libraries; 
			metric weight measurements)

Since there are many recipes in these books that incorporate various 
whole grain flours, I find they are very useful, in spite of the latter 
two not being oriented to machines. The latter two, are BTW, excellent; 
they offer detailed techniques and really educate the reader regarding 
bread ingredients.