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High Altitude

denning@srv.net (John Denning)
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 18:22:56 -0600
Greetings -- I've had a bread machine now for a couple years, love it. It's
a Hitachi 201 I think.

But often our bread comes out short, and compact. We are at about 4200'.
Could that be it? We are also in a dry climate.

I've tried different flouers, and yeast. I've tested the yeast, and never
found a problem. And like I say sometimes it works just dandy. In fact we
used to get loaves that were too big. We haven't had a tall one in a long
time though.

         -JD-                )
     John Denning            (         denning@srv.net
     Idaho Falls, ID         )