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Re: Where can I get bread bags?

"Debi Heiser" <Debi@Jobi.com>
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 03:38:19 +0000
> From: suneeta@tss.com (Suneeta Aggarwal)
> Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 10:24:51 -0700
> Subject: Where can I get bread bags?
> I'm curious as to how others store their bread-machine bread.
> I've been buying the large (one-gallon size?) ziploc bags but
> the entire loaf doesn't fit very easily. Thus, I have to slice
> the bread first and store it in two bags. Not terribly convenient.
> Surely, there must be a place (mail-order perhaps) that sells
> plastic bags sized for bread-machine loaves. Anyone know of such a
> retailer? 
> BTW, I've also tried using produce bags but they often are not
> strong enough.
> Thanks,
> Suneeta
> suneeta@tss.com

Instead of bags, I use a large, clear-ish, rectangular plastic 
cannister with a snap-on lid.  It's big enough that I can place one 
and a half loaves of unsliced bread in it ... and being able to see 
through it lets me know when it's time to bake more bread without 
having to open it up (and let more air in) to check.  I got it as 
part of a set of three at my grocery store ... I use the largest one 
for my bread, the middle-size one for my bread flour, and the small 
one for sugar.


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