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Questions Regarding Bread Makers

Aaron M Frankel <amf25@columbia.edu>
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 15:39:15 -0400

I have been dieting somewhat sucessfully now for the summer (down to 178 
from 220 while able to put on some more muscle mass) and am trying to come to a 
gradual soft landing into more and more "normal type" food.  I have always 
been a big bread fan - but during my diet avoided it (except for lite sliced 
sandwich bread)  I would love make my own bread if it was reasonably 
economical and healthy. So a few questions.

1) Healthy home made bread: does it exist? If so how does it taste - can 
one get reasonably good bread using egg beaters, skim milk, etc.

2) Home made vs. commercial - how does homemade bread stack up 
economicaly and healthwise vs. commercial bread?

3) What kind of bread maker should I get?  Any features that I "must 
have" and pitfalls to avoid - any specific model recomendations or warnings?
Damark has a sale on a factory serviced breadmaker ($80) - Is this a good 
price to pay.

Thanks for your help.