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Bread Machine Covers & Cloth Gift Bags 4 Bread

Ron Fritz <rfritz@execpc.com>
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 07:15:39 -0500 (CDT)
[Editorial Comment from the listowner:]
[We think this kind of announcement is ok.]

I don't know if it is proper to provide info on product availability in 
this mailing list; if not then please delete this message. If it is 
acceptable, my wife would like me to pass along the fact that she is 
beginning to supply bread machine covers and also makes a nice cloth bag 
with a wooden ring for a closure to place a bread loaf into when giving 
a loaf of bread as a gift.  Presently she is selling them on a wholesale 
basis.  Please email me if you are interested or know of any stores in 
your area that might be interested in carrying these items.  My email 
address is <rfritz@execpc.com>.  My wife's business phone is 414-376-9030 
and her business is called "Bread & Butter"