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my first sourdough success in a machine!

oviattws@alaska.net (scott oviatt)
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 23:16:28 +0900
Hello everyone,

Like John Gunterman(digest#27) I also have a DAK, and just on Sunday I
successfully made my first sourdough bread in it!  I have made sourdough by
hand before and it was successful, but when it came to doing it in machine,
I was just a little apprehensive, knowing of how temperamental starters can
be!  I had just received some starter that came west over the Oregon Trail,
so it's pretty special!  I will take some down (finished product) to the
folks in Oregon next week. Pancakes with fresh blueberries--my mouth is
watering already!

Someone in the last digest mentioned that not too many people were talking
about manually baking; well I'd like to assure him that I love ro knead the
dough by hand, but I reserve this for specialty breads, as I use the machine
to crank out bread for the family every day--it really is more economical
and tastes so much better.  Right everyone??!!!

Regards to you all and happy baking!!

Jill Oviatt
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