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Bread Baker Recall

Jim Carey <jec@mom.infores.com>
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 22:11:10 -0400 (EDT)
The July,1995 Consumer Reports had the following recall notice in it:

West Bend Automatic bread and dough makers (all models)

Could overheat and catch fire. 

Products: 425,000 appliances made 6/1/94-4/9/95 and sold for up to
$300. Box-shaped breadmakers mix, knead, and bake bread. Products are
made of white or black metal with matching plastic lid. Part of lid
that contains control panel is labeled, in part: "Automatic Bread &
Dough Maker ... West Bend ..." Check 5- or 6-digit manufacture-date
stamp (listing month, day6, year) on back of unit.

What to do: Call 800-367-0111 for free pickup and repair. Company will
extend warranty for 1 yr. and will include  6 free bread mixes with
repaired appliance.