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Kneading test

Roland Kwee <rkwee@ee.pdx.edu>
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 07:22:47 -0700 (PDT)

Does anyone have experience with hand kneading and determining
with when the kneading is done? In many bread books (e.g., Laurel's
Kitchen Bread Book) it says to knead about 10 minutes for a one-loaf
dough (about 450 g of whole-wheat flour) after which it should
stretch 'paper-thin'. My dough never became 'paper-thin', even
after kneading much longer. I thought I followed all instructions
of the book.

Has anyone using a kneading hook or bread machine noticed this
condition of dough that stretches 'paper-thin' ?

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Thanks, Roland Kwee      <rolandkwee@acm.org>