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Failed Bread Problem & Soution

Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
02 Jul 95 11:56:00 -0800
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 Responding to: David Colker <colker@news.latimes.com>

 DC> Just bought my first bread making machine (I normally make bread by
 DC> hand  weekly during the winter months, but it just heats up the kitchen
 DC> too  much in the summer in L.A.), and I already have my first disaster.

 DC> Bought an Oster, which makes both 1.5 and 1 lb. loaves. For the first
 DC> loaf, I used a Krusteaz sourdough bread machine mix just to give it a
 DC> tryout. The loaf hardly rose - it's supposed to be 1.5 lb, but it's
 DC> only  about 4" high. Still cooling off a bit, but I assume that at this
 DC> density, it is probably not done inside, or at the very least,
 DC> probably  not a good texture.

 You have just described a classic case of liquid imbalance - not
 enough liquid for the amount of flour.

 These machines are not completely automatic. There is one part of the
 bread making process which cannot be automated, the flour to liquid

 Since you have made bread by hand, you know what the dough should look
 like and feel like. Place the ingredients in the pan, start the machine
 and let it run for a few (2-3) minutes.

 Open the machine (it's O.K., it won't hurt anything). Check the dough
 consistency and adjust by adding more liquid or flour, as needed. Let
 the machine run for a minute or so after each addition.

 Once the dough is right, close the cover and let the machine do its own


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