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Re: Help convert rec

Sun, 2 Jul 1995 16:15:23 -0400
ba903@freenet.carleton.ca (Julia Gilbert) writes:

>I have a great rec. for chocolate Zucchini bread and wondered if anyone
>could convert it for my 1lb bread maker? Here it is and thanks in advance!
<recipe snipped>

Bad news, I'm afraid. This recipe is for a batter bread (note the use of
baking powder and soda and the lack of instructions for kneading and rising).
Most bread machines are designed only for yeast breads. A few, such as the
Zoji S15 and one of the Panasonics, have a "cake" or "quick bread" (not to be
confused with "quick baking") mode that just mixes and bakes without kneading
and rising. If your machine has such a mode, just try cutting the recipe
(which makes 2 loaves) in half.

I suppose this could be converted to a yeast bread, but the wet-to-dry
proportions are way off, and I'm afraid by the time we got them under control
the bread may no longer be recognizable. I'll leave that challenge for
someone else. Sorry.

Sandi F. in Fayetteville, Arkansas