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Zoji BCCS-15

Wed, 17 May 1995 12:24:24 -0400
Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich) writes:

>> I doubt you'll be able to find a discount mail order source for this
>> it's just too popular. 

I used to hang out on GEnie, where there was a lot of talk about a guy who
sold Zojis at a discount. Apparently he works in a rehab facility that uses
breadmachines as therapy, and he became a rep so that they could get a good
price, and started selling them in order to keep his volume up. They say he's
very helpful. I don't know whether this information is still valid, but as of
last year he could be reached at:

     Irwin Franzel
     Delta Rehabilition, Inc.
     411 Bryn Mawr Island
     Bradenton, FL. 34207
     (813) 758-9093

I bought my Zoji from King Arthur Flour because I needed to use a credit
card, but as I recall I could have saved about fifty bucks if I'd ordered
from Irwin. It's definitely worth checking into.

Sandi F. in Fayetteville, AR