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Re: Zoji source

"j.a. fielden" <fielden@rintintin.Colorado.EDU>
Wed, 17 May 1995 09:39:54 -0600 (MDT)
|Date: 10 May 95 06:27:50 -0800
|From: Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
|Subject: Zoji BCCS-15
|Message-ID: <0c5_9505110900@salata.com>
| Responding to: "j.a. fielden" <fielden@rintintin.Colorado.EDU>
| JAF> Well I've decided to go whole hog and buy the Zoj BBCC-S15. I am
| JAF> looking for  the best price deal I can find. Does anyone know a good
| JAF> price source for Zoj machines via mail order? 
| I doubt you'll be able to find a discount mail order source for this machine,
| it's just too popular. You can mail order them from King Arthur's Flour at 
| 1-800-827-6836, but you'll pay full price. However, they do have an excellent
| (and free) customer service department with some very knowledgeable Zoji
| people in it.

Actually I did find a reasonable mail order source for the Zoji. I received 
three different messages about Delta Rehab, two about King Arthur's and one
about Zabar's. 
Incidentally I found no place selling the machine for the MSRP of $350
(verified when I called Zoji with some questions). The typical price was 
$299, the same as I found in a local store here in Boulder.

This is the composite info I received about Delta Rehab, sounds like they
could be useful for a number of things:

You can get a brand new one for $260.00 this includes the shipping!  
Regular retail is $350.  If you don't mind a small dent in one they will sell 
it for $195-220.  This is the lowest prices in the country.  Call the toll 
free number, 1-800-641-9093.  The company's name is Delta Rehab.  
They sell some items, including this mahcine, but their main business is to 
solve bread maching baking problems.  

And now for a completely separate question:

Has anyone tried kneading pasta dough in their bread machine?

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