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Re: Delayed Baking

Darrell_Greenwood@mindlink.net (Darrell Greenwood)
Wed, 3 May 1995 22:21:20 -0700
gunterman@ccmailpc.ctron.com wrote on Thu, 27 Apr 95 :

> My concern is that by the time the baking cycle starts (6
> hours later) the warm water will no longer be warm enough to activate
> the yeast.

Room temperature water activates my dry activated yeast just fine.

> or conversely, the warm water will seep down through the
> ingredients into the yeast and activate it too soon and I'd find a
> mess in my machine fron it over flowing the pan over night.

The trick here is to put the yeast in last. i.e., water, dry ingredients,
then the yeast.  The yeast is not activated until the machine starts
with my Black and Decker with delay times of 8 hours.



Darrell Greenwood, Vancouver, B.C.    Darrell_Greenwood@mindlink.net