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DAK TurboBaker IV

Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
03 May 95 08:57:20 -0800
 Responding to: gunterman@ccmailpc.ctron.com

 JG> On the subject of delayed time baking....
 JG> I have a DAK Turbo Baker IV and I know this feature is built in but I
 JG> have never  used it.
 JG> My concern is that by the time the baking cycle starts(6 hours later)
 JG> the warm  water will no longer be warm enough to activate the yeast. or
 JG> conversely, the  warm water will seep down through the ingredients into
 JG> the yeast and activate it  too soon and I'd find  a mess in my machine
 JG> fron it over flowing the pan over  night.
 JG> Can anybody out the qwell my concerns on this matter.


 The TurboBaker IV and V have a pre-warmer and, if the mixture is too
 cool, will heat the dough during the initial mixing cycle. Don't worry
 about the water temperature.

 I used the delayed start feature on my old Model II and use it now on
 my Model V and never have had any trouble with the liquid seeping
 through the ingredient stack to activate the yeast. Not to worry.

 And congratulations on defeating that cat, Colonel.


... I DID read the manual!  That's why I'm confused!!